Planning Your 

     Mental Health & Wellness

   It's one of the most important    things we can do, but it is      seldom done.

          We spend our time    planning our education,

 career, finances, retirement as  if these will result in happiness  but, how often do we plan for  fulfillment in life directly? As if  its just going to happen along  the way.

   Counseling World will help  you accomplish your goals  every step of the way to  happiness. ​

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Bringing the world of counseling to you

Creating and Managing Well being

​Well being comes from many different sources. You can create your future health and well being strategy right now.

How to Choose a Therapist

​Do you know how to pick a therapist with your best interests in mind?

What should I invest in?

In today's world it's hard to know where you should be investing your time? How about in yourself?

Do you spend more time reacting to life than enjoying it?


Let's be realistic. Life is enjoyable when we allow it to be. Planning for your future means taking action today. Creating fun and relaxing are learnable skills but, at times our lives are built on uncertainty, fear and confusion. Which do you prefer? In the end everyone wants to avoid pain and move toward pleasure. 

'Failure to plan is planning to fail.' Plan your future well being right now. It doesn't have to be scary. In fact, planning for your fulfillment can be just as simple as a keystroke. Counseling World can help you plan a joyful future that will help you and yours look forward to and enjoy peace of mind today.

Our philosophy: " It is better to teach a person how to fish than to give them fish. Give someone a fish they eat for a day.  Teach someone how to fish they eat for life."